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Dr. Elyssa Green

Dr. Elyssa Green has been blessed with an awesome creative team. Recently shaving her head due to a medical condition called Alopecia. She is proud to have had the courage to make the move to baldness and mental freedom. Being diagnosed with Alopecia. Dr. Green established Bald Boss Beauty to advocate for those who have Alopecia. The mission of B3 is to provide highlights in the areas of Style, Health, and Education (S.H.E.).

Dr. Elyssa Green’s journey wasn’t smooth. Obstacles lurk around every corner it seems. Negotiating those obstacles must become a skill that is strategic, open-minded, focused, and risky. The focus and mission are making sure to be a solid awareness advocate for Alopecia, an inspiration to others in the Bald Community and a catalyst to independent Talent & Creatives.

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